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Love is at the center of everything Stefano Callegari does. He is a passionate chef with an explosive energy. He loves to share his art of making pizza with the world. He is known as the best pizzaiolo in Rome. You're just going to love his pizza!


Rome is an eternal city able to maintain timeless style while keeping up with continuous change.
Callegari looks towards the popular pastas of Rome for inspiration, including Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe, which are both featured on the La Rossa menu.
He transforms tradition with innovation when he makes Cacio e Pepe by adding ice to the dough in the oven!
Thanks to this invention, he ensures that not only the flavors are maintained, but the same creamy texture found in the pasta is too.


This handmade Roman style pizza is probably the best pizza you will ever taste.
The dough that Callegari makes is different than others because it rises for 24 hours! When it comes to pizza, what makes the difference is the details, like the special flours that Stefano uses or the Italian hand-picked organic tomatoes he uses for his sauce...
We love every pizza, but we would marry La Rossa!

Our Ingredients

We select each ingredient of our Pizza and we exclusively import them from Italy. Our ingredients are chosen among producers that we have known personally and have worked with for many years.


We use all-natural mix of artisanal flours from the Agugiaro and Figna mill in Padua that we exclusively import. This flour combination is then mixed with water, sea salt, natural yeast and extra virgin olive oil.

Roman Traditional Food

Our tomatoes are hand-picked at Masseria Dauna in Puglia, while the mozzarella (fior di latte), mozzarella di Bufala and burrata are from Caseificio Ignazzi in Monopoli, Puglia. The oregano is from the mountains in Calabria and Sicily.
In addition to pizza, La Rossa will serve supplí, fried rice balls that are a typical Roman street snack made with fillings, including: guanciale, pecorino and all kind of Roman traditional street food creativity.

La Rossa Party

We offer a variety of catering packages that make it easy and affordable to bring a taste of Rome to you.



info@larossa.love or call us at (917) 262-0302.

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